2016 Advancement Day
March 5, 2016, Seven Mountains Scout Camp

Dear Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Chairs,

Advancement Day is scheduled for Saturday, March 5, 2016, at Seven Mountains Scout Camp. Check-in for the event will open at 8:30 a.m. in the dining hall with instruction beginning promptly at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. – with a break between noon and 1:00 p.m. for lunch. The program will include instruction towards the completion of three merit badges (American Business, Medicine, and Geocaching) and in three Scout Skill areas (First Aid, Field, and Pioneering).

Younger scouts should plan to register for the Scout Skill area – this will occur all day.  At the end of each skill session, Scouts will receive a form with requirements they completed. 

Scouts who have already previously completed the Scout Skills area, and who have proven to their Scoutmaster ready to learn, may take the following merit badges:

American Business:  (half day class) the scout will need to start their own business and operate it for three months following the class.  Scouts may take this merit badge as well as Medicine.

Medicine: (half day class) review requirements one and seven prior to the class and be prepared to discuss.

Geocaching (full day class): be prepared to hike outside.  Bring a GPS if you have access to one. Note, this is an all day class and scouts will only be able to take this badge.

Scouts planning to work on a merit badge should bring a signed blue card, the necessary equipment, and evidence of previously completed requirements. Paper and pencil will come in handy and Scouts should review the requirements for the badge and read the merit badge pamphlet. Scouts should also be reminded to dress properly for the weather. (Some instruction sites are not heated, and some classes will be outside.)

For the merit badges being offered, the listed requirements that will not be covered during Advancement Day must be completed in advance if a Scout wants to successfully complete the badge on Advancement Day.  A signed statement attesting to the prior completion of these requirements may be brought to the Advancement Day counselor. Partials will be given to Scouts who have not completed all of the requirements for a merit badge by the end of the day.  It is anticipated that Scouts will not be able to complete some of the merit badges where some areas won't be covered due to the need for extensive time and/or materials.

Please pre-register your Scouts for this event.  Scouts who pre-register will get the first preference in selecting their classes for the day.  All classes will have limited enrollment.  Scouts who do not pre-register will only be permitted to attend classes with openings.

Pre-Registration for the event is $5.00 per Scout, which includes a coupon for a hot dog and cup of hot chocolate.  After Feb. 24, 2016, the fee will be $6.00 with no coupon included.  Scouts can either bring their own lunch or purchase other lunch items at the dining hall provided by Oneida Chapter of Monaken Lodge.

Please encourage your Scouts to attend this event and assist us with our planning by submitting the enclosed pre-registration form to the Council Service Center by February 26, 2016.  Leaders who would like to help teach a class should reach out the Paul Grego by February 26th if possible. Questions about this event can be directed to the following:

Paul Grego at (717) 250-0389 or pmgrego@gmail.com
Tim Kohler at (814) 777-6238 or drtekohler@gmail.com




American Business Merit Badge
Areas not to be covered*:                   Requirements #5 and #6
Materials to bring:                              Merit Badge pamphlet and Blue Card         

Medicine Merit Badge
Areas not to be covered*:                   none, but be prepared to discuss Requirements #1 and #7
Materials to bring:                               Merit Badge pamphlet and Blue Card

Geocaching Merit Badge
Areas not to be covered*:                   Requirements #7, #8a, #8b and #9
Materials to bring:                               Merit Badge pamphlet, Blue Card, and GPS if you have access to one

*“Area not to be covered” means that these requirements must be completed before Advancement Day to pass the badge that day or they will need to be completed at a later time using the information learned during the weekend.



If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Jim Kennedy

Juniata Valley Council, BSA, 9 Taylor Drive, Reedsville PA 17084  (717) 667-9236(voice)  717-667-9798 (fax)