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Juniata Valley CouncilEvents2017 National Jamboree

Troop Leadership
Mark Engle - Scoutmaster
Paul Engle - 1st Assistant Scoutmaster
Tom McClain - 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster
Dawlton Nelson - 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster

Crew Leadership
Dr Rod Sepich
Joni Arrington

David Eng - Jamboree Chairman
Jim Kennedy - Staff Advisor

Juniata Valley Council Jamboree Collector Patches

Meeting PowerPoint Presentations
December 6, 2015 @ Mini Tab
May 15, 2016 @ Seven Mountains Scout Camp
September 25, 2016 @ Seven Mountains Scout Camp

February 26, 2017  News & Notes

Jamboree Scout Shop Order Form

Next Meeting 
June 4 at 3pm at Firelight Pavilion - Seven Mountains Scout Camp
Family Cookout (food provided) at5pm

National Resources
Summit Bechtel Reserve National Jamboree Website
Youth and Adult Participant Information Page
Planning Guide


Local Forms
February 26, 2017  JVC Jamboree News and Notes

Jamboree Scout Shop Order Form


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