Klondike Derby 2017
Saturday, January 28 at Seven Mountains Scout Camp
Postponement Date:  February 4, 2017 

UPDATE January 9, 2017
Revision to Cooking Station Criteria – IDITAROD DIVISION


In discussions with the Cooking station staff, it has been determined that the meal criteria for the station was ambiguous, and was not the same between the Unit Preparation Book and the Scorebook. This led to issues with scoring. The meal criteria have been adjusted and matched between the two sources. They are now as stated below. 

  • Prepare and cook a breakfast or dinner consisting of:

    • < > Meat (or non-meat alternative); pancakes or French toast or biscuits or eggs or equivalent item; and hot tea or cocoa. Serve with a fruit (need not be cooked). Note: “Brown and Serve” sausage is permitted for scoring. < > Meat (or non-meat alternative); one vegetable; dessert; bread or rolls or equivalent (need not be cooked); and hot tea or cocoa. Note: Hot dogs are not permitted for scoring. The dessert need not be cooked.  

      All other criteria remains the same.


      The MALAMUTE DIVISION cooking station is not changed.


Leader Guide         Scout Cooking Station Meat Criteria                2016 Results


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