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BSA Uniform Exchange - "Sleeves for Scouts"

MAY 7, 2009 --  Do you remember the first day you put on a Scout uniform? The feeling of pride in knowing you had earned the right to wear it and the excitement of looking forward to all the adventures your uniform promised? Most importantly, do you remember the feeling of belonging, knowing you were part of the largest youth movement in the world?

Imagine that day if your family was unable to afford the price of even a used uniform shirt. That's what many of our fellow Scouts around the world are facing. To them, the Scout uniform is more than a shirt; it is a symbol that shows the world "I am a Scout." We have the opportunity to give them that chance to feel that pride.

The Boy Scouts of America proudly announces the Sleeves for Scouts campaign. We are asking Scouts and Scouters to gather up all the clean, wearable uniform shirts they have outgrown and no longer use. The shirts will be donated to Scouts in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands and other places around the world where young boys are waiting to put on a uniform and feel that sense of pride you remember so well.

This is the ultimate Good Turn. It will provide two giant smiles - one on the face of that shirt's new owner and a huge smile on YOUR face when you help a fellow international Scout in need!

Those interested in donating the uniforms should drop them at the Council Service Center.

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 Seven Mountains Scout Camp Moves Toward Becoming "Green."

Council Camping Chairman Charlie Harklerode and Scout Executive Jim Kennedy have announced Seven Mountains Scout Camp will implement programs to become more environmentally friendly in 2008.

At recent meetings of Council and District leaders, it was announced that styrofoam would no longer be available for coffee, plates and bowls.  Leaders at Boy Scout and Webelos Resident Camps would receive travel mugs and regular glassware would be used as much as possible.  Other items such as individual ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, sugar and sweetners would no longer be used, rather "bulk" containers would be purchased and put in smaller containers.  The camp, which has over ,1,000 campers each season, would also be announcing more recycling plans as the summer camping season draws closer.  The "green" movement will also extend into off season rentals beginning in the fall.

As noted in the meetings, We currently recycle cardboard, cans and plastics, but it was time that the camp "practiced what it preached" as an organization that promotes environmental awareness.  It was also noted the amount of money that is used for trash hauling, that could be reallocated into programming for the Scouts.

The Council Service Center will also begin more recycling -- particularly of copy paper and envelopes from mail.  The Center currently also recycles all cardboard and metal/aluminum products.




If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Jim Kennedy

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