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2016 Juniata Valley Council Lions Program


Lions is a national pilot program of the Boy Scouts of America for kindergarten-age boys. Cub Scouting is a program of the Boy Scouts of America, whose mission is to help young people build character, learn citizenship, develop personal fitness, become effective leaders, and have fun in the outdoors. Cub Scouting focuses on boys in the first through fifth grades. The Lion pilot is exploring the value of a program for kindergarten-age boys. (Boys must be 5 years old by September 1.)


The Lion pilot encourages boys to learn and explore through hands-on, high-energy activities. Adult partners take turns leading a den meeting or outing during the year. Most meetings and outings are approximately 45 minutes in length.


Boys are recognized for their accomplishments as they work toward the Lion badge. The Lion badge is earned by completing five adventures. Adventures are completed during the den meetings and outings. When an adventure is completed, the youth receives a sticker to put in his keepsake Lion Adventure Book. Lions will earn their Bobcat Rank once they become a Tiger on June 1, 2017.

Uniforms and Gear

t_shirt_resizedWhen the Lions begin to roar this fall, they’ll be wearing a cool new t-shirt and optional cap as their uniform! As we know, uniforming is an important method of Scouting. It helps BSA’s youth members feel special and a part of something great. That includes Lions! You can find all the info on uniforms for Lions here.


Q: What is the leadership of the Lion den?
A: The ideal Lion Guide is an experienced Cub Scout leader. The parents or Lion adult partners take turns leading the activities and den meetings for the youth. The Lion Guide helps mentor each Parent to prepare for their meeting/outing. The Den Meeting Plans are outlined in the Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook with simple easy to follow step by step instructions listing everything down to any supplies needed.

Q: What does a Lion Guide do?
A: You set the stage for a successful Scouting experience for families in your Den

  • Oversees the den
  • Communicates with participating families
  • Watch the free Lion Guide and Parent Orientation video
  • Leads initial den meetings and outings
  • Mentors adult partners as they lead den meetings and outings during the year
  • Point person for integration with Pack and Pack meetings
  • Helps create an atmosphere of fun and family within the Den for families and youth

Q: I am an Adult Partner what do I do?
A: You –

  • Attend all Den Meetings and outings/Pack meetings with your son.
  • Watch the free Lion Guide and Parent Orientation video.
  • Take turns in leading a Den meeting and outing during the year.
  • The Lion Guide will help mentor you to prepare for the Den meeting/outing you will lead. The Den Meeting Plans are outlined in the Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook with simple easy to follow step by step instructions listing everything down to any supplies needed.
  • Have lots of fun with your son and other Scouting families!

Q: What does co-leadership mean and why is it important?
A: The success and part of the fun of Lions is that you get to take the leadership role at one meeting and outing. This is really important for several reasons:

  • It shows you leading and your son will be so proud of you and your involvement.
  • It makes the leadership easier by everyone taking a small part.
  • It’s fun to be a part of making your Den great by everyone contributing to its success.


Recruitment – Contact your local District Executive for recruitment Support
Orientation and Training – Available in May for Lion Guides, Cubmaster, and Parents
Program materials from council Scout shop in July:

  1. Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook: 12 den meeting plans and outing plans
  2. Lion recognition stickers
  3. Lion Adventure Book: Youth keepsake
  4. Lion Badge: For completion of the five required adventures
  5. Hand Outs and PresentationsLion Face



If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Jim Kennedy

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