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Volunteer & Background Checks 

Since April 2003, the BSA has conducted a criminal background check on all new adult volunteers.

There are BSA adult volunteers who have been consistently registered since April 2003 in the same position. These dedicated volunteers have not had a criminal background check (CBC) conducted by the BSA.

Some versions of the BSA adult applications prior to April 2003 did not have a complete authorization and disclosure statement for a criminal background check to be conducted. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act mandates that organizations must have a signed authorization from the individual to conduct a CBC.

Note: The Boy Scouts of America's criminal background procedures fall under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. The checks conducted on our behalf by our vendor report criminal activity not credit or financial history on an individual.

To continue to provide a safe environment for youth participating in the Scouting program, the National Council will address this situation by providing a vehicle for having a CBC conducted on those volunteers.

Volunteers who have not had a CBC conducted will receive a letter from our Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca.  The letter will recognize them as valued volunteers and explain the situation with criminal background checks and our continued efforts in youth protection. Those letters are scheduled to be mailed by June 2, 2008.

The letter will include their BSA member ID number, as well as a unique password and contact information for their local council.

The letter will also direct volunteers to a Web site specifically established to give consent for the CBC.  The Web site address is which will  be active June 1 until August. 1, 2008. The letter will also direct the volunteers to contact the Juniata Valley Council Service Center if they do not have Internet access or require assistance.

On the site, they will be asked to review a disclosure and authorization statement. They must click on  Agree  to proceed. Next, they will be asked for information necessary to conduct the CBC, such as their Social Security number.

Volunteers who choose do not agree or disagree when they go to the Web site will have their membership revoked immediately. A new BSA application (or Exploring adult roster form) will be required to renew their membership status. If they complete a new BSA adult application, they will be submitted for a CBC at that time.

Volunteers who get a letter and do not complete the Web site process by Aug. 1, 2008, will not be able to renew their registration at recharter time without completing a new BSA application. This natural expiration of their registration will mean that the recharter paperwork or Internet Rechartering roster printed after Aug. 2, 2008, will not display that volunteer's name.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jim Kennedy at the Council Service Center.

If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Jim Kennedy

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