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The Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver Award is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Cub Scouters, Scouters, Varsity Scouters, and Venturing leaders at the Council level and to other organizations within the territory under the jurisdiction of the Juniata Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America.   It is the highest award a local Scout council can bestow upon a volunteer.

The Selection Committee, appointed by the Council President, reviews complete furnished information, including details and dates for the service at the unit, district, and council level, activities, as well as service to non-Scouting organizations including youth, fraternal, service clubs, churches, business, and others.  Consideration is given for specific leadership qualities of the nominee, as well as reasons why the nominee’s service has been outstanding as a Scouting volunteer on the council level.  Although the length of service receives consideration, it is important that the service rendered be of an outstanding nature, that the contribution made through leadership and service be far-reaching in its effect on helping to provide youth the best possible program of Scouting.

The nominee should not be made aware this recommendation has been submitted. Once the Silver Beaver Committee has made their selection, a member of the committee will contact the person making the nomination with complete details.  All nominations are held for a total of three (3) reviews.  Nomination Forms must be submitted to the Council Service Center by 5:00pm on October 31 and are available at the Council Service Center or online at



2019 Silver Beaver Recipients

Sandy M. Dedmon Chris A. Harklerode Lynn A. McCool



Previous Recipients of the Silver Beaver Award for Distinguished Service


2019 Sandy Dedmon Chris Harklerode Lynn McCool
2018 Kenneth C. Fogleman Cheryl Jonhson  
2017 David J. Eng Andrew R. McNitt David L. Peck
2016 Bruce Grinder Cynthia McKinley  
2015 Timothy Foltz Frank Savino  
2014 Richard Campbell, Esq. Will Port Donald Reed
2013 Cloyd Rupert Joseph P. Strigle  
2012 Gary W. Langsdale Robert L. Snyder  
2011 Randy Crownover * Merrie-Margret Whitehill *  
2010 Mark A. Bonson John M. Kriner II Richard C. Marboe
2009 Katherine Bobeck Kevin McKay Wesley A. Miller
2008 Scott Burkett David Gutshall Jane E. Mitch
2007 Ronald J. Forsythe Mark A. Salvatore Robert L. Seager
2006 Thomas W. Horn Glenn E. Smith  
2005 H. Randall Carper Franklin Hardin Thomas McClain
2004 Steven Dedmon Thomas Long  
2003 Denise Dale Tom Palchak  
2002 Jeffery T. Jacoby Cynthia Ross  
2001 Jeffrey A. Funk * Linda Goodman Valerie Updegrove
2000 Fred B. McKinley Charles Cruikshank Dwain Lauver
1999 Dr. Frank Barnish Raymond Kemp Robert J. Kibler
1998 Clyde Berg * Jeff Biddle Arthur J. DeCamp
1997 Martin L. Dreibelbis Charles Harklerode Carl "Ike" Rosensteel
1996 Paul T. Fagley Wanda M. Foster Linda Rosensteel
1995 Charles S. Miller John A. Wert  
1994 R. Dennis Bates Galen E. Dreibelbis Daniel P. Smith
1993 Jesse Helsel Thomas F. Songer II Jack H. White * 
1992 J. William Conway Eric K. Hefright D. Robert Reeder, Jr. *
1991 Timothy L. Miller Frank W. Royer, Jr. Robert Wilson, Jr.
1990 Aaron Jr. Cole * Robert G. Goodman John E. Groninger
1989 Robert B. Hall Fred L. McClain Gerald E. Purcell
1988 William H. Knepp, Sr. Amos Benjamin Seal  Glen W. Thompson, Jr.
1987 Richard L. Armagost, Sr. Harry C. Swanger, Sr. William E. Swigart, Jr.*
1986  Dallas M. Amspacker Thomas D. Fonda  
1985 Lloyd A. Neimann  Paul D. Olbrich Ronald L. Smith
1984 David E. Colbert, Jr.*  Ronald E. Jochen Edward R. Rhodes
1983 J. Samuel Halderman* Roger C. Vandermark  Thomas C. White 
1982 Earl Bumbaugh   Fred D. Rhinehelder Ralph Walker 
1981 Harry R. Davis*  Gary D. Page  Ruth Yost *  
1980 Sarah E. Jones*  Jack H. Port*  Bernard E. Wright 
1979 John M. Foltz*  Joyce Port* Donald F. Spooner*
1978  Paul J. Fagley* Samuel E. Gordon*  John M. Kriner*
1977 Earl E. Eckley* Harold E. Leiter, Sr.* Lewis J. Yost* 
1976 Glenn D. Bengtson*  Joseph C. Scott*  Russell C. Smith* 
1975 Edward F. Farrand* Joseph H. Rimmey* Warren Q. Stump*
1974 A. Lynn Corcelius*         David Kurtz                Joseph Tabb*         Margaret Flipse*#
1973 Donald W. Bailey*          J. Kenneth Jones*     E. Erwin Klaus*      Dorothy L. O'Connell#
1972   Charles E. Allison  Samuel Atmore*   Fred B. Fiigon*
1971 Robert L. Crain* Robert F. Marboe* Solveig Horn*#
1970 William D. O'Connell* Gerald E. Purcell* Clarence W. Treaster*
1969 Blaire O. Kagarise John C. Snyder*  
1968 John P. Longnecker* Robert C. Moore*  
1967 Robert J. Flipse*  Sidney C. Sivitz*  
1966 William W. Seig* Hurley E. Thomas*  
1965 Dr. Ralph G. Ascah * Carol S. Rhinehelder* Gordon M. Singer*
1964 Francis Babione* Joseph A. Schillace*  
1963 Emerson L. Grindall*  Edwin L. Thomas*  
1962 Dr. David R. Maneval  E. Kenneth Ulp*   
1961  Ben P. Moyer*  J. R. Wald, Jr.*  
1960 George M. Crawford MacDonald Heebner, Jr.*  
1959 Forrest H. Dutlinger* Joseph A Zitterman   
1958  Albert K. Dole * Albert M. Orr*  Alexander Resko* 
1957 Max R. Carruthers* Ralph R. Dobelbower*  
1956 Francis I. Foose*    
1955 Leonard Friend* Dr. Grant W. Smith*   
1954  Dr. Lloyd W. Showers* Thomas O. Williamson*  
1953  Thomas H. Garrett, Sr.* W. Randall Leopold*  A. M. Wellington*
1952 Harold E. Byers*  Dr. Donald M. Rockwell*  Walter B. Wilson, Sr.*
1951  John C. Horn* Walter H. Passmore*   
1950 Rabbi Manning H. Bleich* Robert L. Rhoades*  
1947 Charles L. Raffensberger*    
1946 William G. Miller* Samuel M. Short*  John M. Winters*
1944 Ernest K. Gackenbach*    
1943 Theodore J. Gates*    
1941 A. A. Oeffner* John R. Wald*  
1940 D.C. Bowman*    
1938 Foster T. Augustine*    
1936 Dr. W. S. Hunter*     
1934 Ernest J. Knott*  George Irvin Phillips* John C. Snyder* 
1933 Dr. John M. Keichline*    
1932  William P. Woods*    
1931 A.B. Van Ormer D.D.* W.R. White*  



#Silver Faun


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