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Juniata Valley Council Launches John M. Kriner II Lodge Campaign

Today, May 15th would have been John M. Kriner II’s 60th birthday.  The Juniata Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America honors his memory on this special day by kicking off the public phase of its fund-raising drive for the John M. Kriner ll Lodge.  We are seeking the community’s support for this project. This is the third and final phase of fundraising for this project.  Upon the completion of this phase, we will break ground for this project this fall.   


To-date over $400,000 has been raised toward the goal of $550,000.  This has been generously given by Juniata Valley Council Executive Board and Council Staff members, pacesetter donors, and memorial gifts.


The Juniata Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America is the sole provider of Scouting programs partnering with over 75 community organizations to serve over 1,200 youth in Centre, Huntingdon, Juniata, and Mifflin counties of Central Pennsylvania.


Seven Mountains Scout Camp is our year-round outdoor education and recreational center, annually hosting more than 15,000 Scouts, volunteer leaders, parents and community organizations.   To meet the demands of increased usage over the past ten years we must upgrade and expand functional, and accessible sleeping accommodations, restroom facilities, and meeting space.


There are a variety of ways to support the Kriner Lodge and Kriner legacy:   A “GoFundMe” account has been established for online giving, or you can direct gifts of cash, check, credit card, and stocks can be directed to the Juniata Valley Council, BSA.  9 Taylor Drive, Reedsville, PA 17084 or 717-667-9236.


The John M. Kriner II Lodge is a multi-level/multi-purpose facility to be located at the former Pioneer Cabin site just off the banks of our lake at Seven Mountains Scout Camp.


The Lodge will be ideal for large and small Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews and community organizations. 


The upper level features ten sleeping rooms (five each wing) - bunked for six people.  Accessible restrooms and shower rooms are on each wing.  The layout is ideal- separate sleeping facilities for youth male/female, and adult male/female.


Two complete kitchens are also located on the upper level, as is a great room and fireplace. 


The Conference Level will house the SRI STEM Lab with eight computer work stations, two accessible restrooms, and a kitchenette. The changing interests of our youth are creating demands for more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities from our program.  Combined with another donation of a computer servers, desk top work stations, printers and work tables Kriner Lodge provides us with the physical facility to include Programming, Computer Gaming, and Robotics.


The Lodge and Conference Center will provide outstanding meeting, retreat, and training space for both youth and adult events for Scouting on the local, Area, Regional, and National levels as well as for local community and religious organizations. 


John Kriner gave a lifetime to Scouting and much of that in the Juniata Valley Council.  And like many of us John believed that Scouting was the best way for a boy to become a man. He was not alone, He could not have done anywhere close to what he did without the support of his wife Betta.


John and Bette had one child, John John .  John John came into this world with a physical disadvantage but was born into a family that gave him a monster advantage.  John and Bette set about to raise JJ to achieve his full potential.  John John developed a thriving lawn mowing service as a boy, earned his Eagle Scout ranking as a youth, served as an usher at his church and held a janitorial job at the State College Area School District as an adult.  John John shared his father’s love and passion for Scouting.  Many scouters of the Juniata Valley Council have fond memories of John John from his many stays at summer camp.  While John and Betta supported John John, they just never handed it all to him.  John John was expected to carry out his part as well.


It would be a great story if John and Betta and their support of John John where the story in it’s entirety.  But that is not the whole of the story.  John loved children and had a desire for all within his realm to achieve their potential.   John not only supported John John’s scouting activities, but through his efforts built a pack and a troop for others like John John.  There are many disadvantaged youth that enjoyed the benefits of scouting as a result of John’s efforts.   It would be a great story if we ended it right here.


This is not the end of the story, it continues.  As a legacy to John John, John and Betta have given a leadership gift for the building of John M. Kriner II lodge.  Their gift is in two phases, the first is for the r lodge itself.


Let’s talk about the lodge:  this lodge is designed to permit the programs that John believed is the best way to make men from boys to be administered.  It is designed to allow full access for those with physical and mental challenges but even further it is designed to allow family activities to occur under it roof.  So, not only will it give opportunity for those programs that we have traditionally promoted, it will allow us to promote family activities and programs important for the future of scouting.  If the story ended here, that would be a great story, but it goes on.


John and Betta have also established an account for the ongoing maintenance of the lodge.  Often raising the money for the lodge is far easier then keeping it maintained into the unforeseen future.  As we move forward, income generated from Kriner lodge will be used to offset the costs of camp and not be needed for the building’s upkeep.  Any funds raised beyond the actual construction costs will be placed into the building maintenance trust account.


Remember, there are a variety of ways to support the Kriner Lodge and Kriner legacy:   A “GoFundMe” account has been established for online giving, or you can direct gifts of cash, check, credit card, and stocks can be directed to the Juniata Valley Council, BSA.  9 Taylor Drive, Reedsville, PA 17084 or 717-667-9236.


Gifts to support the John M. Kriner II Lodge at Seven Mountains Scout Camp may be tax deductable.  Please contact your financial advisor for specific information.  The Juniata Valley Council, BSA is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations and is a 501(c)3 organization.


Thank you for considering becoming a part in continuing the Kriner legacy.


Juniata Valley Council, BSA, 9 Taylor Drive, Reedsville PA 17084  (717) 667-9236 (voice)  (717) 667-9798 (fax)