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Juniata Valley Council, BSA 2017 National Jamboree Collector Patches

Don't miss your opportunity to get the Juniata Valley Council 2017 National Jamboree Collector Patches.  Available only at the Juniata Valley Council Service Center or order by mail.  Check them out here.  


2017 National Jamboree
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Pennsylvania Child Protection Law

As you are probably aware, a new law regarding Youth Protection became effective this year.  The primary impact of this law is to make every Scouting volunteer, professional, and employee a designated reporter of any suspected child abuse to Child and Youth Services or Child Line.  In addition, the Act also redefined the definition of Child Abuse.  The effect was to lower the standard of what constitutes Child Abuse.  This was done to correct what was seen as too high of a standard which resulted in a significantly lower reporting of suspected Child Abuse as a percentage of population than the national average.

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Volunteers must provide the following clearances

  • Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), cost – free after 7/25/15, 10-15 minutes:
  • Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services, cost – free after 7/25/15, 20-30 minutes:
  • Fingerprint based FBI criminal history clearance submitted through the Department of Human Services, cost – $25.75, 5-10 minutes online and 10-15 minutes at the fingerprinting location:
  • Volunteers who have resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years can submit a Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers in lieu of the Fingerprint based FBI Clearance: Volunteers who have resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years can submit a Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers in lieu of the Fingerprint based FBI Clearance:  Follow this link:

  • Juniata Valley Council's A Unit Guide to Compliance

Weekend Camp Rental Form

We have updated the Weekend Camp Rental Form.  Please discard all old copies.

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In 2014 we started a new campaign for Juniata Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America's Seven Mountains Scout Camp. Thank you to Seven Mountains Alumni Association & Totes for Tomorrow's Scouts who raised funds for the fireplace at Firelight Pavilion, Rotary Club of Lewistown for building a new pavilion at Leopold Campsite.  New paviliions have also been built in Moyer, Stevie Horn, two in Rhodes, Elks, Marboe Wald, Handicraft, and the Health Lodge.  Thank you to everyone who shared their time, talent, and treasures to the Juniata Valley Council, BSA and Seven Mountains Scout Camp.


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One Car, One Difference is a new way you can support Scouting in Central Pennsylvania. Visit their website for details.

Life Estate Deeds for Seven Mountains Scout Camp are still available.  Certificates are available framed or un-framed. Click for details.

The Memorial Walkway at the Don Bailey Cam[fire Circle is a way to memorialize a family member, old Scouter or friend. Details

Purchase a Seven Mountains Holiday Ornament.  This year features "Flat Top" Cabin.  Cost is $25.00

"A Place to Give" is an on line option hosted by the National Council for the Juniata Valley Council.  All transactions are secure.  Go to

We are now offering "Scrip Cards" which are Gift Cards for virtually every store or on line retailer.  A small percentage of every sale goes to the Juniata Valley Council.  Buy gas, groceries, etc and support Scouting.

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