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The following are a few years old, but still very relevant!

They WORK! Dear Cub Scout Leaders,

The personal invitations that were provided by the Northeast Region work! We have seen evidence that boys who receive the little envelope with a personal invitation to school night, pack meeting, den meeting, or Cub-o-Ree are showing up and signing up.

Guess what? We still have a ton of them. Why not pass them out to your new recruits at your October pack meeting and have them invite boys to your next pack or den meeting? Remember, they need to sign up before attending a second meeting so they're covered by BSA insurance.

You're doing a great job of recruiting. Thank you!

Linda Rosensteel
Past Council V.P. of Membership

Pack 44 Pack 44, chartered by the Pine Grove Mills Presbyterian Church.

This year Pack 44 recruited at 4 events in September in addition to recruiting via word of mouth over the summer by parents in the pack. By the time the school year began, we had already given out a few applications and had a few definite Tiger cubs.

At our pack planning meeting, and in a separate planning meeting for recruitment, we mapped out a plan for advertising and networking just prior to the first week of school. We created a letter (using one of the models in the recruitment pack handed out at the Program Fair in August at 7 mountains camp. We had 200 flyers printed at the council office with the letter on the back, and the dates of our School Night for Scouting and first Pack Meeting on the front. We also got 10 posters and put the same dates on the posters.

Using whatever means available, we identified as many of the boys in our target elementary school as possible and got addresses for these boys/parents. We mailed one of the letter/flyers to each boy we could identify inviting them to the School Night for Scouting. The first week of school, we put posters up at various public locations (post office, stores, school, ...). We contacted the person in charge of the school newsletter, and got a brief article published with the information on our advertised meeting nights. We also advertised these events in the Family Pages publication. We provided our scouts with invitation cards that were handed out at the first Round Table, and asked the boys to hand them out at school to friends and try to earn a Recruiter Patch. We also advertised the Cub-o-ree at all our events.

We held our School Night for Scouting, and ran a photo slide show of pack events, displayed a pack photo album, and set up tables for each den rank manned with den leaders to show boys/parents the activities for boys in that rank and answer questions. We also displayed a few of the bigger items (klondike derby sled, Cub-mobile) and had some older scouts present to show things to the new recruits. We had about 10 - 12 boys come to that event and registered most of them.

The next two events were our school's "Back-to-school" nights. We set up a table inside the school, and a tent outside on the lawn, decorated with scout balloons and various displays. We talked to boys/parents on the way in, out, and in between events, and added another 7 boys to our list.

The final event was the first Pack Meeting. We collected three registrations at the pack meeting, in addition to the ones we obtained along the way at the other events and in between.

The results:
We have registered 12 new Tiger Cubs, and have 2 more that expressed interest but have not yet signed up. We registered 3 new Wolf Cubs, one new Bear, and one new Webelos. Of these 17 total new boys (and at least 2 maybes), 3 were transfers from other packs.

Therefore, to date we have added a net 14 new boys to the council roster.

Our goal for the pack this year was 20 additional boys. The pack currently has 10 second year Webelos, 10 first year Webelos, 3 Bears, 10 Wolves, and 12 Tigers. We plan to continue to recruit for Bear scouts to increase the size of the Bear den through peer and parent recruiting (inviting boys to den and pack events).

Steven Lewis
Pack 44

Pack 67 Here's the scoop from Pack 67:

We've added: 8 Tiger Cubs, 1 Wolf Cub, 6 Bears and 4 Webelos 1. (We lost 5 boys -- 2 moved, 3 dropped out)

Keep in mind our building principal does not allow us to be present at Back to School night, nor does SCASD let flyers go home from the school. In addition, we have one student population in two buildings (Houserville and Lemont).

So, to give ourselves maximum exposure, we:

  1. Got an announcement on Channel 4. It took THREE tries to get it Included.
  2. Sent announcements to the CDT --several times -- calendar, Out and About, Family Pages. Only the calendar item ran.
  3. Sent announcement to WRSC. I don't think it ever ran on the air.
  4. Laminated bright blue flyers and tied them to the street signs near the schools. We also hung weather-proof flyers in developments that serve our Pack. Flyers included a phone number and the words "Pack 67 is a 2004 BSA Quality Unit, serving Houserville boys for over 50 years".
  5. In August, we held a family volleyball and pizza night, to which prospective members were invited. We used the school directory to identify any boy of Tiger, Wolf or Bear age. Calendar of events was available that night. September promo flyers were sent home with current families to hang in their church, work, etc..
  6. In August, the committee met to forward-plan calendar details.
  7. In September, we placed flyers in the schools (on their literature tables) and also stapled a brief information note to the mini Boys' Life issues, and left those in the schools.
  8. n September, prospective members were sent an invitation to our opening event, and returning boys were given the BSA recruitment packets to hand to friends.
  9. All pack members were reminded of these events via email.
  10. We planned our first family outing for early October, to keep the excitement going --it's a trip to the MaizeQuest in Lewisburg. We wanted boys to go to school saying "I did the coolest thing in Scouts this weekend" The pack will pay for a scout and parent, and pick up half the tab for guests. Paying for things seems to make a big difference in attendance.
  11. Our opening event, a "Welcome Carnival" sets the tone. Parents go to the library to fill out forms in quiet, pick up a book, and ask questions of the Tiger Coach, Cubmaster, Assistant, and one other den leader. Out in the all purpose room, Scouts from our partner troop ran simple carnival games at 7 stations. Winners receive a ticket; tickets can be turned in for grab bags of prizes. Greeters at the door directed people, put nametags on everyone, and den leaders circulated to keep an eye on all the boys and siblings. At the entrance there was a display of photos, our pack flag, and all our ribbons. After 45 minutes, parents rejoined the boys, we close the carnival games and do a formal closing. It was all done in an hour. The kids had a fabulous time, we impressed parents with our organization, inclusion of siblings, and willingness to answer every question, and our returning Cubs got to hang out with some of the Boy Scouts.
  12. To retain new people, den meetings start next week, and emails go out to every new family repeating key information and looking to answer more questions.
That's it from Houserville! We're pretty pleased with our results.

Joanna Jones P67 Chair

Pack 31 Pack 31 Recruitment

Pack 31 was very successful with recruitment this year. We have a total of 15 new scouts registered. This number includes a scout who registered at the end of June and another who registered at the Cub-O-Ree - both of whom Pack 31 pursued.

Pack 31 had information tables set-up at Corl St. and Easterly Pkwy for their Back-to-School nights (3 nights total). On the tables, we displayed pinewood cars and many photo album pages of fun events like camping, pinewood, And Klondike. A uniformed committee member was there each night to answer questions and hand-out Back-to-School/Cub-O-Ree flyers and pack info. flyers. In addition, each boy in the pack was given the "invitations to join" that were provided by council to hand out to their friends, inviting someone new to a Den meeting, our Sept. pack meeting or BTS Scout night. We also put an announcement about our BTS Scout night in the St. Paul's UMC Sunday bulletin. On the day of our Scout night, all the boys of our pack wore their uniforms to school.

On Wed. night (9/29), we welcomed all 15 boys into our pack, by presenting them with their new books and pack totems. Our success was definitely a pack-wide effort. We now have 50 scouts in Pack 31.

Kim Payne
Committee Chair

Pack 330 Pack 330 Bellefonte

Recruiting efforts began over summer vacation with handouts to DAYCARE centers (YMCA and Faith United Methodist).

School night at Bellefonte Elementary had 2 floors with hand outs and fliers. Had pictures, awards, and cub built items reflecting last years events

4 Tigers, 3 wolfs, 3 bears and a Webelos applied as well as a Den Leader !!

2 more are in consideration from the Cub-o-ree

3 more contemplating attending next Den meeting.

Jeff Antion


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