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Nittany District Camporee

Nittany District Camporee
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Please note, that unlike many of the previous camporees, Woodward is requiring a liability wavier for all persons attending the camporee for any amount of time. Likewise the Council will be requiring copies of the Part A and B of the BSA medical form to be turned in. This is due to the nature of the various programs planned for the camporee. Anyone without both waivers on file, will not be permitted to attend. Waivers for Scouts will require a parent/guardian signature as well. Please Plan Ahead.


2018 ND Spring CamporeeInfoBooklet.pdf

2018 ND Spring CamporeeRegistration.pdf


BSA Medical form Part A&B

Nittany Spring 2018 CamporeeProgramAdd.Info.pdf




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