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Scouting Safely At Seven Mountains Scout Camp

Summer Camp

The Juniata Valley Council Risk Management Committee reminds all Scouts, volunteer leaders, family members of camps, staff, and guests of Scouting Safely Guidelines for Seven Mountains Scout Camp.

  • All persons entering and leaving Seven Mountains Scout Camp (including Scouts and volunteer leaders) MUST check in and out at the William H. Hickey Camp Headquarters - located next to the boating area of the lake.


  • All persons within the boundaries of Seven Mountains Scout Camp must have a valid wrist band or Juniata Valley Council Issued Identification Badge and it must be worn at all times.  There’s only one way to get one – register at the office. Staff have been instructed to watch throughout camp, for non-wrist banded adults. Visitors will not be permitted to participate in activities such as meals or programming without a wristband.
  • All persons at Seven Mountains Scout Camp are asked to identify and report persons with out a wristband or JVC issued ID Badge to Camp Staff, the Camp Director, Camp Ranger or the Scout Executive.
  • If you suspect someone in camp should not be in camp you must report that information immediately to the Camp Director, Camp Ranger or the Scout Executive immediately.
  • Know your scouts’ family situations, be alert for an estranged parent. If a stranger appears in camp area, challenge them – they don’t belong or contact the Camp Director, Ranger, or Scout Executive immediately.
  • Buddy system – every scout, and every adult, must travel throughout camp with a buddy.
  • Except for dropping off equipment on Sunday or loading equipment on Saturday no vehicles will be permitted within the gates of Seven Mountains Scout Camp. Only Juniata Valley Council Camp trucks, emergency, vendor delivery vehicles, and those authorized by the Camp Ranger will be permitted.
  • Golf Carts are permitted for use by those persons with handicap placards or letter from a physician. Juniata Valley Council - through the Camp Ranger - reserve the right to not allow golf carts deemed unsafe or may revoke privileges for use if it is determined they are being used for purposes other than transportation of an individual with a physical limitation. All Terrain Vehicles are not permitted for use by any camper (including adults).
  • Severe weather does happen and all program areas will stop immediately if severe weather is near
  • Wildlife – Seven MOuntains is also home to bears, skunks, opossums, raccoons, etc. Don’t challenge wildlife, move away slowly.
  • Unit food storage – all unit food must be stored in permanent buildings or in cars. NO FOOD IN CAMPSITE TENTS, BACKPACKS, ETC. If using a cooler, please clean it thoroughly before and after use.
  • Missing scouts – don’t assume “he’s wandered off again and will return” – alert camp staff and let’s find him right away.
  • Fire! Staff will provide training about sirens and your troop’s expected response.
  • Serious injury to scouts or scouter's – Contact the Camp Director or Ranger immediately they will effectively direct the responders and expedite a coordinated response.
  • When the siren blows – your troop will be oriented by staff as to various sirens and their use. Please pay attention and make sure your troop responds rapidly to any siren.

 Scouting Safely is Everyone's Duty




If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Jim Kennedy

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