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I'm a new leader...

Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America!  On behalf of the youth in Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon, and Centre counties, thank-you for choosing to become a leader.  Your leadership will help shape the lives of over 2,000 youth today and countless numbers of youth in years to come.

The Boy Scouts of America believe that every Scout deserves a trained leader.  We also believe that every leader deserves to have access to the knowledge that will enable them to develop the confidence to serve as a role model and mentor to the youth in our program. 

By now you should be aware that your unit is part of a bigger entity known as a District.  Districts are part of an even bigger entity known as a Council.  The Juniata Valley Council, which services Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon, and Centre counties is broken into three districts:  Shawnee (Mifflin and Juniata), Onedia (Huntingdon), and Nittany Mountain (Centre).  Training throughout the year is conducted on both the District and the Council levels.  The training teams are committed to training leaders?not just running training courses. 

The Training section of this site is designed to guide you and your unit along the path of reaching Trained status.  We as your district and council training teams are here as a resource to provide you with the skills and knowledge to make your experience as a leader in the Scouting program an enjoyable one.

A direct contact Scout leader (Den or Webelos Leader, - and Assistants, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Venture Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader) is considered fully trained and entitled to wear the Trained leader emblem when he or she has completed the following training courses and the specific training for the position.



Fast Start Training.

Fast Start training is the first step for all new leaders and should be taken immediately after they register and before they meet with any youth members. New leaders choose the Fast Start they need to take: Cub Scout Leader, Boy Scout Leader, Varsity Scout Leader, or Venturing Crew Leader. All Fast Start courses are available on DVD, or they can be completed through the Online Learning Center. (If you are new to Scouting, you will be asked to create an account.)

Youth Protection Training.

Youth Protection training is required for all leaders who have direct contact with youth. At all times, youth safety is the number one priority. At the same time, adults need to know the rules for keeping themselves safe, too. Comprehensive Youth Protection training teaches all the do?s and don?ts of working with youth. The training is offered through the Online Learning Center, or it may be taken as part of an district or council training course.

This is Scouting.

This Is Scouting is a new online training session that replaces New Leader Essentials. It picks up when Fast Start leaves off with six modules of training: The Mission of Scouting, Programs for All ages, Scouting Is Fun, Scouting in the Community, Keeping Our Youth Safe, and Scouting?s Legacy. The training takes about an hour to complete and can be found on Online Learning Center. (If you are new to Scouting, you will be asked to create an account.)

Position Specific Training.

Leader position specific training is based on the leader?s position. These courses are taught by informed trainers who know how to engage groups and make learning fun. These courses are offered by the district or council as group training, or may be done as small groups or by personal coaching.

Cub Scout Leaders

Cub Scout Leader Specific training has been developed for the following positions:

  • Tiger Cub den leaders
  • Cubmasters and assistants
  • Wolf and Bear Den leaders and assistants
  • Pack Committee
  • Webelos den leaders and assistants
  • Pack trainers

Boy Scout Leaders

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training is for all Scoutmasters and their assistants. Boy Scout leaders also must complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training to be considered fully trained.

Varsity Scout Leaders

Varsity Scout Coach Leader Specific is for all Varsity Coaches and assistants Coaches. Varsity Coaches and assistant Coaches must also complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training to be considered fully trained.

Venturing Crew Leaders

Venturing crew leaders and assistants must complete Venturing Leader Specific Training, a five-session training course, to be considered fully trained. Venturing crew leaders whose crews have an outdoor program must also complete Introduction to Outdoor Skills training to be considered fully trained.

 Adult Training

This page provides a variety of materials, from quick references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program. Many of the courses can be taken online at A login is required, but anyone may create a user account and view the courses. Registered members of the BSA may provide their member numbers (as part of the user profile) to receive credit.

2017 Council Training Dates

March 25 Trainer's Edge JVC Service Center
May 12-13 Outdoor Webelo Leader Mill Creek
May 12-13 Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills Mill Creek
June 28 Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation 7MC Firelight Pavilion
July 12 Scoutmaster Specific 7MC Firelight Pavilion
September 22-24 OA Woodrow Institute 7MC Rimmey Lodge
October 13 Scoutmaster Specific 7MC Wald Campsite
October 14-15 Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills 7MC Wald Campsite
Octoner 14-15 OWL/BALOO combined course 7MC Wald Campsite


If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Jim Kennedy

Juniata Valley Council, BSA, 9 Taylor Drive, Reedsville PA 17084  (717) 667-9236(voice)  717-667-9798 (fax)